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[FAQ] How to Create Listings

Hi and Welcome to Bloom! You have successfully signed up to the platform, added your payment information, and now you're ready to bring live events in your space. This post will help you grow and expand your market by streamlining the talent booking process. Now let's get started!

Bloom was created with you in mind. With our user-centric app design and years of industry knowledge we have streamlined the booking process for venues like yours and the performers you want to connect with. Bloom offers you the opportunity to engage with performers by effortlessly creating "listings" and attract talent to your space, or by directly booking performers from their user profiles. 

A listing refers to a time slot that is made available by you the venue for performers. Each listing includes a description of the event and performance type you are seeking for that time slot. The listing serves as an invitation for performers to apply for the slot, ensuring that both the venue and the performers are aligned in terms of expectations and suitability. With this clear and concise information, performers can make informed decisions about which listings to apply for, and you can attract the most suitable and talented performers for their events!

Live event scheduling calendar tool

A key feature of Bloom is the dynamic and intuitive scheduling calendar.

Your calendar is the most efficient tool used for managing all your listings effortlessly. Create and view listings seamlessly within your calendar, and watch as successfully booked listings automatically appear on your schedule.

Bloom was created to improve the booking process and integrate with your current talent commitments.





How to create a venue listing. Adding single time slots or recurring time slotsWith our intuitive user interface, you can create a listing directly from the scheduling calendar page.

Listings are organized into "Single Slots" or "Recurring Slots". 

Single Slots are meant to reflect Unique Events for venues requiring talent for the specific occasion.

Recurring Slots are meant to efficiently reflect recurring events in your venue.




SmartSelect_20231106_154144Creating a single listing is just as easy as creating a recurring listing. The only difference is that with recurring listings, users have the flexibility to set a monthly or weekly frequency for their events!

On the timeslot page, you have the opportunity to provide an informative description of your event, including the date, time, and the specific type of performer you are seeking to make your event truly outstanding. 

Having trouble deciding on the perfect atmosphere for your event? No need to worry! With Bloom, you have the option to select up to three different types of performers who can bring their unique talents to your event.


View of all listings for live performances created by venue

Looking to showcase multiple acts in a single night? Bloom has got you covered! Our platform allows you to effortlessly create multiple concurrent time slots throughout the day, giving you the freedom to curate a rolling cast of performers for as long as you desire!

The scheduling calendar page also you to view, manage, and add to your current created listings. 






Active booking can be done directly from your home page. We host a variety of performers and spaces. Bloom lets you sort our performers by "Location", displaying your local talent, or by "Popularity" allowing you to connect with our most popular performers across the platform.

To target your search and customize the display of our performers, you can filter performers based on their skills and talents. Bloom has registered DJs, Hip Hop & Rap artists, Blues & Jazz, Country, and Indie bands just to name a few. We even have pyrotechnicians available!

Select the performer that best fits your search. 



Profile of music performer containing all information regarding their career

Once you have found the perfect performer for your event, you'll have access to their comprehensive profile page. Here, you can delve into all the details that matter to you - from their rates and location to their availability, reviews, and even their social media links. Get to know your chosen performer inside and out, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for both you and your audience.

Bloom allows you to book a specific performer directly from their user profile page.





View of created listings for live performances

Select the "Book" option and pick from all of your listings to book the performer for your event. 

Once you have selected the performer that best fits your event, you are ready to begin the booking process!