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[FAQ] How to Book a Show

Hi and welcome to Bloom! You have successfully signed up to our platform and added your payment information and now you're ready to book shows. We're here to help boost your career and build your fanbase!

This post will help you start booking shows in venues registered to our platform. Now let's get started!


Home Screen

On your home screen you'll see venues registered to our platform. You can sort available venues by "Location" and find venues in your area or you can sort them by "Popular" and discover our most popular venues located throughout our network. 

We at Bloom pride ourselves in offering you a diverse and robust selection of spaces that cater to your unique talents and skills! Venues can not only be sorted by Location and Popularity but can be filtered by the type of venue. Bloom offers a variety of locations such as:

- Restaurants & Cafes

- Bars & Clubs

- Theatres & Halls

- Fields and Arenas

Select the venue that resonates with you the most!


Venue Profile

When you find a venue that appeals to you, select the venue in your home screen.

The venue profile page, much like the performer profile page, should contain informative pictures of past events and reviews left by other users.

You can book directly from the user profile, chat with the venue, and view your mutual bookings.

For the sake of this post, we will explore the "Book" option.



Listing Page





When you select the "Book" option, you'll be taken to the "Time Slot" page.

Here you can view all the available time slots the venue has posted. Venues have the ability to customize time slots to fit their wants and needs!

Select the time and date that works best with your schedule to continue the booking process.

Now that you have selected the time and date that works best for you, you're ready to engage in Bloom's comprehensive and intuitive payment negotiation page.




Screenshot_20231029_194550Using our industry knowledge we have categorized payments into 2 different categories: In-App Payments and In-Person Payments.

In-App Payment options are meant for direct payments to either party. These payments are processed using our payment processing partner, Stripe. As a performer, you can receive payment for your performance, or you can pay a venue to book their space for a fee. Usually, venues that require payment have their minimum fee post on their profile.

In-Person Payment options are meant for payments made in cash. These options can be negotiated through the app and paid out in person. Please be aware that in-person payments are not secured and guaranteed.

We encourage all users to process payments through our app!

When you've finished selecting your pay structure, you can continue on to the review and send page.


Screenshot_20231029_194708You're almost there! 

The review and send page has all the information you're ready to send to the venue. 

Once you have reviewed and can confirm all the information is correct, select your "Payout Date". The payout date is the date you want to be paid, or want to pay, by the venue.  

You're final step is to send the offer!

Please not the booking fee consists of an $7.99 flat fee or an 8% fee after $100. 


The venue will receive your offer and they can either accept, or deny your offer. If they accept the offer, Congratulations!

If they deny your offer, they will have the opportunity to send a counter-offer. This begins the negotiation process and can be done all through the app!


We at Bloom created the platform to connect a disconnected industry. We hope our efforts and innovation can facilitate your success! Thank you for your support :)